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Sparkling Image Car Wash was built and opened as Al’s Kwik Car Wash in 1958.

It was the first automatic tunnel car wash of its kind in Cedar Rapids.

The facility at 3218 1st  Ave. NE has only been owned by two families since the day it opened.


On Sept 1st 2021, a new family of owners started their journey at Sparkling Image. Brenda and Rick Waddell announced Brandon and Natalie Pence, supported by local businessman Gary Rozek, will be the new operators at Sparkling Image.


Brenda Waddell, who has led the business through many years of road construction, a lightning

strike, the pandemic, and a derecho, thanks the loyal customers that have supported Sparkling

Image many years. Brenda says, “We have found the ideal new owners to continue the

Sparkling Image tradition and take care of our customers, new and old.”


Sparkling Image 1.JPG

The new owners plan to deliver the Full-Service tradition that Sparkling Image is known for with vacuuming, pre-wash, and hand-dry towel service as standard features and tire dressing, detailing, and other special vehicle maintenance options. Brandon Pence says, “We strive to help all local customers TO BUY LOCAL and choose from daily and monthly options as well as extra services for each vehicle.”

Sparkling Image Car Wash has been involved with supporting our community for decades as a vehicle for giving back to the residents who have supported us through the years.

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